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The self help book 'A Positively Healthier Lifestyle' by Mark McIntyre - Belfast Healthier Lifestyle Coaching
About Belfast Lifestyle Coaching


Being happier, positive, motivated, fitter and much more confident is what we all want but then we’re somehow seduced by how the media tells us what to like, dislike, feel or appreciate .
Examine the self help book (above), take group coaching or 1 to 1 coaching and unchain the true person that is within, that being the holder of your potential... You.

Welcome to NI confidence building, fitness enhancing and well-being boosting group meet up. Refreshingly informal.

Meet and greetMeet and greet, Bring your positivity journal
 Time to catch up with your new friends

Talk about foodA Diet and nutrition, this is based on Q&A plus any feedback you may have given

Retraining your mindGratitude, goals and affirmations etc.
You can and will succeed at everything

Make it happenPositive habit forming, positive and mental highs with physical activity.

Belfast Healthier Lifestyle Coaching for increased confidence, positivity, motivation, controlled weight, improving your career prospects by helping you understand and apply your potential.

Enhanced coaching includes :

Belfast based 1onOne mobile personal trainer Belfast bootcamp group outdoor fitness classes Belfast Positively Confident Healthy Lifestyle Coaching