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The self help book 'A Positively Healthier Lifestyle' by Mark McIntyre - Belfast Healthier Lifestyle Coaching
About Belfast Lifestyle Coaching

Skype based personal confidence and lifestyle coaching offers you an extremely flexible level of positivity coaching which involves short, to the point sessions which aid you in boosting your self esteem and building your life in your image, all based on proactive evidence building.

Skype coaching sessions are 30 minutes
Maximum convenience - From the comfort of your living room
Your sessions are accessible and designed around you.

A new direction means setting off on a new course and your personal commitment to your journey.
Blow your own trumpet, become more confidence, life the life that you want to live, on your terms.

Making small changes to your diet delivers the greatest benefits.  It sharpens your mental focus and affirms that there are very few bad foods, just bad timing

Enhance positivity through constant personal mentoring, whether through physical activity, personal outlook, sense of commitment or just doing something for the hell of it.

Buy the book and the journal to self help or book me now

Single session 20

4 x sessions 76

8 x sessions 144

Payment is made in advance of all sessions.

Belfast Healthier Lifestyle Coaching for increased confidence, positivity, motivation, controlled weight, improving your career prospects by helping you understand and apply your potential.

Enhanced coaching includes :

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